Garden of Earthly Delights
Debut Collection

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Gaelle Khouri is the story of woman narrated through jewelry, from her darkest depths to her softest sides. It is a journey exploring the sanity of her madness and the serenity of her tempest, following her into her destruction, which then leads to her re-birth.

Avant-garde in style, every piece is a creative product of that journey, set with diamonds and precious stones. Entirely hand-made, each design is created with subtle movement and great attention to detail.

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After graduating from New York University, with a masters in Economics, Gaelle conformed to the corporate world for a few years.  Fortuitously, Gaelle got the opportunity to intern at Oscar de la Renta, New York.

The city’s beauty and boundless energy released her from her inhibitions and revealed an inner imposing artistic facet that prompted her to change careers. She soon returned to Lebanon and began studying jewelry design while interning at Elie Saab.

Gaelle found that jewelry design became a means to understand and silently express her emotions, verbalized only through the final piece itself.

This relentless internal dialogue is the core inspiration of her designs that are born from pure and sincere baring of the soul.

Garden of Earthly Delights

Gaelle Khouri’s debut collection, Garden of Earthly Delights, is a personal self-exploratory journey of a woman. The collection embodies the deep-rooted instinctive connection that exists between a woman and nature.

The pieces attempt to unravel feminine complexities utilizing provocative, elaborate, and seraphic physical characteristics of diverse species. The interpretation of fauna is conveyed blatantly via gothic elements. The metals used are 18 carat yellow and pink gold, rhodium silver, and treated bronze, set with carefully laid diamonds and precious stones. Garden of Earthly Delights is a stunning bejeweled extension of any woman who allows herself to be adorned by her intricacies.

The Debut collection is divided into two carefully curated selections; Couture and Casual. Delicate, inspiring with a sense of fragility, the Couture collection’s intricacies are drawn out through the innovative use of coloured stones. The Casual collection focuses on the unrivaled beauty of nature’s Flora and Fauna; raw and emotional, the pieces include jewelled insects and peculiar twisted forms.

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